Friday, March 16, 2012

Awarness Regarding Cauliflower/Gobi

                                   Now only i'm feeling relaxed after coming to know that my internet connection is finally ok.For the past 1 week no one was able to access the net connection in our entire apartment.Thank god that at least now the problem is solved(but still net connection is slow and not able to upload pics).I was totally fed up without visiting any cookery blogs,chatting with friends and so on.
                                  Now i thought of sharing one information that i heard from one of my friend.I don't know how far this information is true but still thought of sharing with you guys and leaving the decision in your hands.
                                  Once my friends dad went to visit his friend who is a farmer and use to cultivate cauliflowers in acres of land.There my friends dad saw slow poison bottle lying and enquired about that.For that his farmer friend told that they use to put lots of slow poison as pesticides so that they can reduce the worms in cauliflower.And to my friends dad surprise his farmer friend told that they cultivate cauliflower in their own land  but they never use to have it as its having max amount of slow poison.
                                   So friends please think 100 times before buying a cauliflower.I agree that we use to do all processing work before cooking,but those things are to remove the worms alone and i'm not sure whether that will help in  reducing the impact of the slow poison.Regarding this i'm not sure how much its true but my mom also told that she also read this issue in a magazine.So from that day on wards i stopped buying cauliflower.
                                  Hence,friends you decide wether sacrificing one veggie which everyone of us like the most, for our health sake or its ok in having it after all processing.

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Aarthi said...

wow..that is scary...i love gobi a lot...