Some useful tips to fasten your cooking which i use to follow in my kitchen daily.These tips has been given by my mom,aunt and from cookery shows alo.

1.Tamrind Pulp :                           
Soak some tamrind in water for around 30 mins.Then grind it in the in the mixie and strain it.Now with the pulp, add required salt and allow it boil nicely for around 5-10mins.Cool down the pulp and store in air tight container and refrigrate.Will stay fresh for 10days minimum.

2.Chillie Paste :
Wash the green chillies nicely in water and dry it well so that there should not be any droplets.Grind it in the mixie with salt and store in air tight container and refrigrate like tamrind pulp.We can use this for few items which we have already grinded and further can't add green chillies to it.

3.No Spice: In any gravies r curries,though we add more spice we wont feel the spice in  it.Its because salt is less.So if u add the salt the spice will also become correct.

4. Too Much Of Tangy:
If the tangy taste is bit more then if we add salt the tangy taste will get reduced.If the tangy taste is too much should add jaggery,all these are for gravies.Incase of any dry dishes can add replace sugar in place of jaggery.

5. Forgot to soak Peas before night:
Roast the dried peas till it becomes hot and soak in warm r hot water for around 2 hrs.Now its ready for cooking. 
6. Cook Rajma :       
Previous night soak rajma in hot water in a cassoralle.Next day you can cook upto 3 whistles.Very easy to cook in this method.

7. Soft Chapathis : 
To have soft chapathis either can add bit hot water while preparing the dought else can even add one potato which will give too soft chapathi's.

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