Friday, April 22, 2011

Vendakai Vathakuzambu

                         Vathakuzambu is one of my hubby's favourite dish.Every fortnight once he wants the dish.Few months back only i learnt this from my aunt and after that i use to make this kuzambu very frequently.Before marriage i never use to have this because i hate it.But after learning from my aunt,the easiest way of doing i also started loving it.So here goes the recipe.

Ingredients :

Ladies finger 4-5(bigsize)
Oil 3-4 tbsp

Grinding :

Tamarind paste(thick) 2 tbsp
Grated coconut 2 tsp
Tomato(medium size) 1
Jaggery 1/2 tbsp
Sambar powder 1 tsp
Toor dal(cooked) 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Fenugreek 1/2 tsp

Seasoning :

Mustard seeds 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves few

Method :

1.Cut the ladies finger into thin slices.(thinner than how we cut for curries).Now grind all the items together given in grinding column.Now fry the ladies finger in the oil til it becomes as vathal.(since i cut into thin pieces it took only less than 5mins for frying)

2.Once the ladies finger becomes vathal add the grinded paste to it and allow it to boil by adding enough water.

3.Leave the gravy to boil nicely.After few min's oil will ooze out from the gravy.

4.Once the oil starts coming on the sides add cooked mashed toor dal .

5.After adding the toor dal boil the gravy for few minutes and then season with items given in seasoning column.

6.Enjoy the vathakuzambu with hot rice and appalam.

Note :

1.We can adjust the tamarind paste according to our taste buds.But vathakuzambu should have the tangy taste.
2.In case spicy is not enough in the gravy(since we added only sambar powder) we can add red chillie powder as well as salt.
3.Before grinding the fenugreek just roast in the tawa and then add to the other ingredients for grinding and should not be burnt.


aipi said...

Wow great recipe - loved the combo of ingredients you used!
US Masala

Sudha Sabarish said...

Thank u for ur nice comments.

SouthIndianHome said...

Mouthwatering Vetha kuzhambu
South Indian Home

maha said...

ladys finger is my favourite veg.vl try soon.