Friday, May 6, 2011

Badam Kheer

            Now also i remember that once my dad bought this from a famous shop "Kakkada Ramprasad Sweets" in Chennai,i didnt taste it first as i dont like sweets.But dad forced me to have atleast a sip to see how it tastes.After that trust me whenever my dad crosses that shop,i've told him to buy and come for me.They use to give in a big cup.I use to have it fully and will never take dinner after that because my stomach will be filled with that badam kheer and since they use to put lots of nuts,so it will be too heavy. Also a healthy drink since its main ingredients are cashew and almond/badam.Yesterday when guests came to my home i prepared this with lot of hesitation,as i was scared how the outcome will be and also i prepared for the first time.But trust me,everyone liked it a lot and i was very happy.So thought of sharing the recipe with everyone.

Ingredients :

Almond/badam (app) 20-25
Cashew 20-25
Milk 500ml
Water 250 ml
Lemon Yellow Food Colour 1 generous pinch
Sugar 1 cup
Almond essence 1/4 tsp

Topping :

Almond/Badam 10-15 pieces
Cashew 10-15 pieces

Method :

1.Soak badam in warm water for 30mins and peel the skin.Soak cashew in normal water.After 30mins grind badam and cashew together coarsely along with 1/4 cup milk from 1/2 litre milk which we've already kept aside for preparing kheer.

2.Pour the grinded paste in a wok and add the remainin milk,water and food colour.

3.Keep in low flame and allow the milk to boil.Now and then stir the milk slowly and gently.Wait till the milk boils nicely(bubbles will be coming once we keep in low flame.)

4.Once the bubbles starts coming add the sugar and stir slowly.

5.Once the sugar is dissolved well in the milk off the stove and allow the badam kheer to cool down.At this stage can check the sweetness and add powdered sugar,badam essence and finely chopped cashew and badam kept for topping.Put them in the badam kheer.

6.Refrigrate and enjoy the yummy yummy and tasty badam kheer.

Notes :

1.Can increase or decrase the quantity of milk,water and sugar according to our taste buds.

2.If we add more nuts for topping it will be really good while having each and every sip.

3.Chillled badam kheer will be yummy and tasty.


aipi said...

Delightful n exotic kheer!
US Masala

Sudha Sabarish said...

thank u for ur nice comments