Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rich Mushroom Kurma

             This is the first time I'm tasting mushroom kurma and it was awesome.I've never tried or tasted mushroom in any form.But i wanted to taste.So i got this recipe from my cousin and it was so tasty that i was not able to find the mushroom taste separately  in this kurma.So if anyone doesn't like mushroom also they wont say no to this kurma.

Ingredients :

Mushroom 1 packet
Capsicum 1(medium sized)
Onion 1(medium sized)
Sugar a pinch(optional)

Grinding :

Carrot 2 small size
Red Chillies 4-5
Khus Khus 1 tsp
Badam 10 pieces
Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp
Milk 1/2 cup

Seasoning :

Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves Few

Method :

1.Soak badam and khus khus in warm water for 30 mins.Saute carrot and red chillies in 1 tsp of butter for few seconds.Then grind all the ingredients under the grinding column with milk instead of water.

2.Now season the mustard seeds and curry leaves in a wok and add chopped onion and saute for few Min's.Then add capsicum and saute for few seconds.

3.Now add the mushroom to the onion and capsicum and fry till the mushroom is cooked.

4.Once the mushroom is cooked add the grounded paste and add milk,salt and sugar and cook till the kurma is done.

5.Serve hot with  chapathi or roti.

Note :

1. Through out the kurma i did not use any water.Only milk i used.But can add water also but cannot guarantee the taste as i don't like compromising on the taste.

2.If spicy is not enough can add red chillie powder.But for me  adding red chillies alone was little bit spicy.

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aipi said...

I totally love this ~ just need some parathas to polish it off :)
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